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3x3 basketball is a fast-paced and dynamic variation of traditional basketball, played on a half-court with three players on each team. The game is renowned for its intensity, skill, and excitement, as it emphasizes quick decision-making, sharp shooting, and relentless teamwork. With a 12-second shot clock and a smaller playing area, 3x3 basketball demands agility, versatility, and strategy from its players.

Warriorz Basketball Club has actively participated in various 3x3 events and tournaments, all of which are intricately linked to the FIBA (International Basketball Federation) network. FIBA is the global governing body for basketball, and it oversees and organizes official 3x3 competitions worldwide.

Here are some of the previous events and tournaments Warriorz has been involved in:

1. African Quest Johannesburg Stop 

2. Summer Splash 

3. 3x3 League

4. Balling Sessions Finals

5. Balling Sessions 6

6. Balling Sessions 5

7. Balling Sessions 4

8. Balling Sessions 3

9. Balling Sessions 2

10. Balling Sessions 1

In the world of FIBA, 3x3 basketball players earn ranking points based on their performances in sanctioned events. These points are crucial for climbing the FIBA 3x3 rankings ladder and securing invitations to prestigious tournaments such as the World Tour. The more successful a team is in tournaments, the more ranking points they accumulate, thus improving their standing and opportunities within the global 3x3 basketball community.

At Warriorz Basketball Club, we are committed to fostering talent, developing skills, and competing at the highest level in the exciting world of 3x3 basketball. Join us as we continue our journey on the FIBA3x3 circuit, striving for excellence and pushing the boundaries of the game.


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